Norman P. Murray Community & Senior Center Concerts

Who & When?

March 30 - Band 6 (11 AM)

April 27 - Intermediate Orchestra (11 AM)



We will performing at the Norman P. Murray Community Center. The Int. Band will be performing outside at the Veterans Plaza. The other groups will perform inside the Sycamore Room.



We will perform various types of music for about a half an hour for local seniors and any family members who wish to attend.


What time will they be involved in this event?

Students will be missing class from break to the end of 4th.


What will they need to wear?

Since this is an outside concert for band and less formal for orchestra, we ask the students to wear something more casual. Students should wear their current Newhart Music T-shirt (from this year) with blue jeans (or shorts/skirts) and tennis (or gym/skater) shoes.


What about lunch?

We will be going to the local fast food restaurants. Students will be eating at El Pollo Loco. We will notify then closer to the event which restaurant they will be going to. Students will need to bring lunch $ or a sack lunch.


If a student isn't passing his/her classes, will he/she still be able to attend?

For the 6th graders, any students who are getting a D+ or lower (under 70%) or an Unsatisfactory in Citizenship will not be able to attend. Those who aren't passing their classes are exempt from the field trip only if they still turn in a permission slip. (This is the policy for all field trips.)


What about late permission slips?

Those students who do not get their permission slips turned in on time, will not be able to attend this field trip. All field trip permission slips are due no later than one week prior to the trip.


What about Chaperones?

We need 1 chaperone for every 8 students. Please send a note with your son/daughter telling us that you'd like to help and we will let you know of the details. Basically we just need a second pair of eyes to help guide the students. We ask that you step in when we need some extra help. Thank you and we'd really appreciate your help!