String Instrument Websites

String, Rosin and Other Supply Recommendations

Strings - Helicore and Thomastik Dominants (Ball End, medium and make sure to indicate the size of instrument). Red Label are a less expensive alternative)

Rosin - Hill Dark Rosin for violin, viola & cello. Kolstein Ultra Rosin for bass.

Shoulder Rests - Super Kun or Collapsable Kun for adjustability and durability.

Cello & Bass Stops - Xeros End Pin Achor or Sure Stop

Mutes - Torte style 2 hole mute


For All String Instruments

  • Choosing the Correct Size & Type of String Instrument
  • Shar Music's Advice for String Instrument Purchases
  • Bowing Fun (iPhone App for Bowing Practice) Cost is $1.99 Get Parent Perm.
  • Teen Strings
  • String Instrument Care
  • String Instrument Care & Maintenance
  • String Care
  • String Instrument Info & Cleaning (Video)
  • String Playing Technique
  • Fiddling (Jazz, Bluegrass, Irish, etc.)
  • Common String Terms
  • String Basics, Listening and Music

    Alternative Styles

  • Barrage
  • Bond - Pop string quartet
  • Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan - Traditional Mexican music


  • Violin Note Flashcards
  • Violin Basics, Exercises, & Theory
  • Violin Bow Hold Part 1 (Video)
  • Violin Bow Hold Part 2 (Video)
  • How to buy a VIOLIN
  • VIOLIN & it's History
  • The Dutch Violin (History)
  • Nuttin' But Stringz - R&B influenced violinists
  • Black Violin - Hip Hop influenced violinists


  • The Viola Website
  • American Viola Society


  • Cello Bow Hold (Video)
  • CELLO Heaven
  • CelloBello
  • Internet CELLO Society
  • Joy of Playing CELLO
  • Cellos2Go
  • Erik Friedlander - Electric Cello Musician
  • Apocalyptica - Rock Music played by cellos

    String Bass

  • Interactive Bass Fingering Chart
  • Lemur Music - Bass Store in San Clemente
  • Double BASS Page
  • The International Institute of BASSists
  • Talk BASS

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