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  • Mr. Klingbeil at the 2012 Area Concert as "Captain" for Wind Ensemble Performance of Spongebob
  • Beat Boxer/Singer - Winner of the "France's Got Talent" Show
  • Beat Boxing Flute Player - playing the Super Mario Bros. Theme.
  • One Man Band/Orchestra - Pixar's short story - Really cute!
  • Bassoon Quartet - playing the Super Mario Bros. Theme.
  • German Brass playing Toccata and Fugue - song also heard in Fantasia.
  • Ford car used as instruments - this is a commercial using Ford car parts to make instruments to perform on.
  • Mnozil Brass does Bohemian Rhapsody - this is real talent and pretty neat too!
  • Orpheus at the Area Concert 2009 - Newhart Inter. Orch. & String Ensemble
  • Sound of Music - Central Train Station
  • Star Wars/John Williams Tribute - This is really neat if you are a fan.
  • Violinist and Piano Player - Interpretations of songs, both serious and fun. These are very talented and funny. I Will Survive, James Bond, Riverdance, Rachmaninov has Big Hands.