Music Supplies to Maintain Instruments

Recommended for students to use during class

  • Pencil
  • Instrument with Name Tag on Case (name tag provided by school)
  • Music Folder (provided by school)
  • Supplies to Maintain Instrument
  • Bottle Water

    Recommended for students to use in their home practice

  • Music Stand
  • Metronome
  • Tuner
  • Good Armless Chair & Lighting

    All students should use metronomes to keep the beat and tuners to help them keep in tune!!! There are plenty of free apps for smart phones or free web-based metronomes. They are also available for purchase.


    Students will be more successful in their practicing at home if they use a proper music stand. They will be able to play in proper playing position & to make it easier to read music. Students should use metronomes to keep the beat and tuners to help them keep in tune. If interested, portable folding stands, metronomes, & tuners are available at the local music stores for about $10-$30 each. There are also free metronomes available online with a link posted at


    Lastly, it is also important that students play with correct posture, so laying on a bed, playing with legs crossed or on the floor is not a good way to play. Sitting up tall in a good supportive chair or standing for most instruments is recommended.





    All students will be shown how to use these supplies maintain their instrument in good working condition. As suggested by professionals and repair technicians, the supplies listed below are the best way to maintain an instrument in proper playing condition. If an instrument is neglected, then it will likely end up in the repair shop for unnecessary & costly repairs. If interested, there are supply kits available with all the supplies sold together and usually at a discount. Sometimes the local stores run out of these supplies. You may want to call ahead. Shopping idea lists on Amazon are listed later on this page. Some of these supplies can also be borrowed from Mrs. Petty. Please see her after the 3rd day of school and she can help you.



    Reed players will go through many reeds. If the reeds are taken care of, 10 reeds should last all year. Purchasing reeds by the box (in bulk) are most cost effective. You can also get reed cases to protect them in their instrument cases. Please try to keep extra reeds in the instrument case for replacement when one breaks.
    Flute – cleaning rod with swab (handkerchief), polish/cleaning cloth
    Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – 5 wood reeds, reed case, cork grease, cleaning swab
    Oboe – 2 wood reeds, reed case, cleaning swab, cork grease
    Bassoon - 2 wood reeds, reed case, cleaning swab, cork grease, seat strap
    Saxophones – 5 wood reeds, reed case, cleaning swab, cork grease, neck or shoulder strap, polishing cloth

    *REED STRENGTHS - Go to to see strength's of reeds to see which one you want to get. The new plastic Legere are pretty good and last a long, long time when taken care of. It is NOT recommended to get any other plastic reed brands as the other ones that I know of have the worst tone quality ever. If you are not sure which strength you need, see Mrs. Petty before you order.



    All slides should be move freely! Cleaning snakes are used when cleaning the instrument in the bath/sink on a monthly basis. Leave the snake at home. The other supplies should be kept with the instrument at all times.
    Trumpet – valve oil, slide grease, trumpet cleaning snake, polishing/cleaning cloth
    French Horn – valve/rotor oil, slide grease, french horn cleaning snake, polishing/cleaning cloth
    Baritone Horn/Tuba – valve oil, slide grease, polishing/cleaning cloth
    Trombone – Water mist spray bottle, slide oil or other slide cream, cleaning cloth/rag, slide grease, trombone cleaning snake



    2 pairs of drum sticks (1 set of 2 B’s and 1 set of 5 A’s), 1 pair of staccato wool tympani mallets, 1 pair of either yarn, plastic or rubber mallets, a bag to put these in (stick bag), a snare drum practice pad (rubber head)



    String instrument polish, violin polish or pure lemon oil. (Please no pledge or other waxy cleaner types of polish.) All supplies should be kept with the instrument at all times except the polish should be left at home.
    Violin/Viola – 4 working fine tuners, extra set of strings*, shoulder rest (foot style), chin rest, polishing cloth
    Cello – 4 working fine tuners, an extra “A” string, cello rosin, polishing cloth
    Bass – bass rosin, polishing cloth

    *Extra strings should be kept in the instrument case. Most violin/viola players will break at least one string this year. If a string breaks, your music teacher can replace them any time. No need to loose playing time by taking it to a repair shop.




    In order to make it easier for you to find music supplies you may want to have for your instrument to play the strongest and to keep your instrument in good working condition, I have put together "idea lists" on Amazon. You are welcome to go to any store you would like to go to especially our local stores!!! Other online options can include (strings only) and (all instruments) also have large selections and availability. I would recommend using these lists as a starting point. Simply copy and paste the link below at Amazon by instrument type. Some of these supplies can also be borrowed from Mrs. Petty. Please see her after the 3rd day of school and she can help you.


    Newhart Flute Supply List =
    Newhart Oboe Supply List =
    Newhart Bassoon Supply List =
    Newhart Clarinet Supply List =
    Newhart Bass Clarinet Supply List =
    Newhart Alto Sax Supply List =
    Newhart Tenor Sax Supply List =
    Newhart Bari Sax Supply List =


    Newhart Trumpet Supply List =
    Newhart French Horn Supply List =
    Newhart Trombone Supply List =
    Newhart Baritone Horn Supply List =
    Newhart Tuba Supply List =


    Newhart Percussion Supply List =


    Newhart Violin Supply List =
    Newhart Viola Supply List =
    Newhart Cello Supply List =
    Newhart String Bass Supply List =




    Please check with your music teacher for recommendations to sizes, especially when buying boxes of reeds or shoulder rests for violin's and viola's.


    • 13-14" violas will need a 4/4 violin size shoulder rest
    • 3/4 violins can use a 4/4 shoulder rest (no need to then purchase a 4/4 when you grow into 4/4)


    • Bb Clarinet is the regular clarinet
    • Bb Bass Clarinet is the bass clarinet
    • Alto Sax, Tenor Sax & Baritone Sax all come in different shapes for the different instruments



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