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6-8 Grade Honor Band -

6-8 Grade Honor Orchestra -

6-8 Grade Honor Choir -



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1) When & where are the auditions? See dates listed above for your group. All auditions will take place at Niguel Hills M.S. The audition times will be posted on the district site around Jan. ? with an exact time to audition on it.


2) What are the audition day logistics? Students will need to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to their scheduled time for their audition. They will check-in & go to the warm-up room where all the students will be warming up and getting help from other teachers with their tuning as needed. Then the students will be directed by helpers as to which room they will be auditioning. Please do not be late!!


3) Who are the auditioners? The auditioners are made up of teachers & professionals in the area that have volunteered their time to listen to the students. Usually there is only one room per an instrument/voice with only one adult in that room. As for the violins (since there are so many auditioning), there will mostly likely be 3 rooms of violin auditions and only 1 adult in each of those rooms. At then end of the night, the auditioners sit together and discuss scores, instrumentation, & other factors. They then decide the number of students who will be accepted.


4) Will there be an audience or only the candidate and evaluators in the room? Students will be playing/singing by themselves for only 1 (or maybe 2) auditioner(s). Most parents wait right outside the door where they can hear their child play, but not inside where it has a tendency to make the students more nervous. Therefore, the auditioners will request that the parents should wait outside of the room for their child.


5) Does the music need to be played/sung from memory? Students do not need to memorize any of the music and they should bring and use their music for all aspects of the audition. If they are able to play/sing it memorized, make sure to use your music anyways. Students have a tendency to forget things when they are nervous so the music should be there just in case. Even when the student has it memorized but has their music out, the auditioner can tell that they are playing/singing by memory.


6) Do the students need to play the exact music sheet that they were given by their music teacher or is it OK to improvise or choose your own song? The auditioners will be looking for the students to play exactly what is written because they need to know exactly what music skills students have compared to each other. The music chosen for the audition has key elements that they will be looking for.

7) The scales say that you have to have a minimum of quarter note = 120, how should you practice it when this is too fast to be played correctly now? Start practicing it at a comfortable, slow & even speed. Then, using a metronome, speed it up slowly (one notch at a time or 4 numbers at a time) to a few clicks/8 numbers higher than the desired speed. This will make it much easier and more comfortable at the desired speed! (Slower & accurate is much better than fast & sloppy.) Do not play it faster than 120. They want to hear it at that exact tempo. If you need to play it slower, that's OK too. Just make sure it is accurate regardless of the tempo!

8) Any ideas to help students practice/learn the music? Private teachers are able to offer one-on-one help, but we will be learning both of the pieces and scales during class with all the students so that they can feel comfortable. All students will be playing/singing these songs in class almost everyday for about 3 weeks prior tothe audition and all students will be tested on these songs as a playing/singing test! Also read the "How to Properly Practice" on the home page. Any student wishing to get extra help may make arrangements with the teachers too.


9) What are the audition protocols the students &/or parents need to know? Wear nice clothes (something you would wear in a nice picture), be presentable, and just play/sing the best that he/she can! (Usually it's pretty common for students to be nervous and he/she should do just fine! The more prepared, usually the less nervous.) Introduce yourself and shake their hand! When finished, don't ask them if you've made it or not, they will not know until they compare everyone's scores at the end of the evening.

10) When given the option to play/sing an upper or lower part, usually one is more difficult than the other. Which one should he/she choose? They are looking for the strongest players, whether it's a high or low part. The more difficult part may get a higher chair but if the student doesn't know how to play the harder part, they shouldn't attempt it at an audition! The auditioners are just trying to see where everyone is at! Always remember that something played accurately is better than trying to attempt to play something that is not that well learned. Students should try to do what's comfortable over trying to attempt everything. Kids have a tendency to get fairly nervous when trying to do too many new things at once!


11) When will I find out if I have been accepted to play in the Honor Group? A list will be posted at school within a few days or so after the audition.


12) Should I audition if I am not sure that I can make every rehearsal? No. Only those students that are committed to attending each and every rehearsal should audition. Please check your calendars ahead of time!













6-8 Grade Honor Band - Eb Scale - Bb Scale - Chrom. Scale - Song (Slow) - Song (Fast)

Snare Bb Scale (Slow) - Snare Bb Scale (Fast) - Snare Eb Scale (Slow) - Snare Eb Scale (Fast) - Snare Chrom. (Slow) - Snare Chrom. (Fast)

6-8 Grade Honor Orchestra - ????

CHOIR ---- ????? --- Be ready to sing a major scale, the required song (Dona Nobis Pacem), match pitches, tonal memory, sight-reading (melodic and rhythmic.)



6th, 7th & 8th Grade Band & Orchestra - Application ONLINE (CLICK HERE) deadline - no later than Jan. 2

Band & Orchestra Auditions at Niguel Hills M.S.

6th, 7th & 8th Grade CHOIR - Applications from Mrs. Petty



  • Click here for the honor choir audition song. The audition consists of singing warm-ups to find your vocal range, a major scale, clapping and counting a few measure of rhythm, a few measures of sight-singing like we do in class every day and then the solo. That's it! It's things we do in class every day.
  • Listen to recordings to help you prepare and learn the solo.
    • ---Click here for the female range solo. ---Click here for the upper range male solo.
    • ---Click here for the low range male solo.
    • Auditions will be during class. With Mrs. Peraza here, we are able to pull out those who want to audition. An application will need to be completed too. Mrs. Petty will pass those out during class as they require a parent signature. You may also print from this link.