Festival Performances

Who & What Time?

March 22 - String Ensemble will be performing at San Juan Hills HS at 11 AM in the main auditorium. (8:40 AM-1:30 PM)

March 23 - Wind Ensemble will be performing at San Juan Hills HS at 11:15 AM in the main auditorium. (8:40 AM-1:45 PM)


What is Festival?

Festival is a competition-type concert. The instrumental groups will perform 3 traditional songs for 3 judges. The judges give a rating and make comments on what the group is doing well and what the group needs to improve on. Then the group goes into a Clinic Room and work with one of the judges on their music. It is a very positive and educational experience!


Are Parents/Friends Invited to See the Concert?

We would love to have anyone who wants to come to the instrumental concerts. Please allow a little time for parking and finding the auditorium. It is pretty easy to locate & we do start on time. Due to the nature of the choir festival, only chaperones will be able to join us at the choir festival.


What do the students need to do to prepare for this concert?

This is a very serious concert and students need to make sure that they practice and know their music in-depth. Those students unable to play their parts will not be going with us.

Wind Ensemble - Kachina Spirit and Dance, Knights of Dunvegan & Under an Irish Sky

String Ensemble - Oregon Trail, Colors of Home & Follow the Drinking Gourd


What do the students need to wear?

They need to wear the full concert outfit. Click here for Concert Dress. Band, Orchestra & Choir Boys - Don't forget the full length solid black socks.


What about chaperones?

We need 1 adult for every 10 students (parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles) willing drive large vehicles to store instruments & percussion equipment. We will give more details closer to the event. Chaperones must be cleared Tier II or Tier 1 Volunteers. To be a Tier II (easier clearnece), please fill out this form annually (https://form.jotform.com/caljohnson/volunteer). If you volunteered amny years ago, you should still be in our system as a Tier I or Tier II volunteer but you may still need to fill out that form and include Newhart as a school you would like to participate at. Thank you in advance!