Fall Concert ~ October 25

Costume & Fall Color Concert


            Inter. Band, Adv. Band & Wind Ens. at 6 PM (5:30 rehearsal/warm-up)
            Inter. Orch., Adv. Orch. & String Ens. at 7:30 PM (7 PM rehearsal/warm-up)



All Newhart Student Music Groups! It's the first performance of all their hard work thus far! Should be fun and we should perform some great music! This is a large portion of the 2nd quarter grade and is a requirement for all students in their music class.



We will performing in the MPR at Newhart. All students are required to stay for the entire concert.


What will students need to wear?

Have fun and wear Halloween style attire and make sure you can still perform - no masks! Costumes (dress code appropriate) or fall colors (orange/black/brown/dark green) are encouraged. You may also wear your concert attire if you would like. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your music teacher at least 1 week prior to the concert.


Is there an attendance requirement for this concert?

Yes, this concert is mandatory for all students in their music group. Students will be getting a grade for all concerts, including this one. Sports or family dinners are not excused absences. Bring the family along and head to dinner afterwards.


What will they need to bring?

Students will need to bring their own instruments & music.


What if I cannot get to school for the concert? (Example: My parents are working and cannot get me to school)


We will do what it takes to help all students get to your concert but we need a little time to help you. If you think this might be an issue, please talk with your parents ahead of time. If you need a ride, please let your teacher know at least a few days before the concert so we can help you! ALL students deserve to show off their skills and perform!


Treats will be served following the concert! :) Thank you to the wonderful parent volunteers who help bring and/or serve treats!