8th Grade Performance at the High School Football Game

Oct. 15 - Capistrano Valley HS from 4-8:30pm

Oct. 29 - Tesoro HS from 5-9pm


CVHS Fight Song Recording (similar version) click here.


FOR TESORO - Meet in front of the office at the flag pole off the 2nd parking lot.

FOR CVHS - Meet at the field located behind the gym/bandroom. Parents can drop off the students at the lower parking lot. Parent pick-up at the band room located behind the new performing arts center. The event is from 4-8:30 PM.


What is 8th Grade Band Night?

Capistrano Valley High School & Tesoro host an 8th grade marching band night at a home football game for all 8th graders in the band, orchestra or choir program at Newhart to find out what High School & Marching Band is about.


These details below are mostly regarding CVHS as this is the school that all 8th grade band members are required to attend for band night. Tesoro is optional for extra credit. See Mrs. Petty if you have any questions.

Who is involved?

All 8th grade band members are required to attend this event. The 8th grade orchestra & choir members (possibly interested in the marching program - band or color guard) may attend for extra credit. Yes, many orchestra & choir members join each year learning new instruments or joining color guard. Come check it out, it's a fun night!


What school am I going to HS Band Night at?

Newhart students will attend the Capo's band night regardless of the high school you may or may not be attending. If you end up at another school, they do similar things. Click Here to get Driving Directions to CVHS.



We will be performing at the CVHS football field for pre-game and during the game in the stands. All students will need to stay until the end of the half-time show at approx. 8:20 PM at which time parents are responsible for pick-up.


What time will they be involved in this event?

Students will need to meet on the practice field at 4:00 PM. Once they arrive, they will have a rehearsal and a dinner provided. 15 minutes prior to the start of the game, the students will perform Pre-Game with the HS band on the football field. Then the students will play in the stands during the game to support the team and watch the HS field show during half time.

Following the half-time show, the students will leave the stadium with the HS band and will be dismissed as a group at the band room (located behind the brick building off the lower parking lot) at approx. 8:20-8:30 PM. Please pick up your child at the band room. Students will not be allowed to leave early. Those students wishing to go back into the game may do so with their parents after being released from Mrs. Petty. Please see Mrs. Petty if you have any questions and/or problems.


What if I may be attending a different High School (from the HS Band Night) next year?

Since we cannot offer this opportunity for every HS out there, we participate with the HS that most students will attend. CVHS is willing to give this opportunity to all music students from Newhart.


Will I have to march and play at the same time?

NO, the students will walk out on the field as a group, stop and perform the Star Spangled Banner and the HS Fight Song. Then they will walk off the field directly into the bleachers.


What should the students wear?


Newhart Music T-shirt from this school year with blue jeans/pants and tennis/gym/skater shoes


What about music for Woodwinds and Brass?

They will be given marching music prior to the event. The music does not need to be perfect and you will get flip folders from your music teacher to hold that music. These folders will help the students hold the music on their instrument which allows them to read the music as they play. There will be no music stands on the field or in the stands and the flip folders act at little music stands connected to their instrument.

If you would like to purchase your own Flip Folders or Lyres, they are available in very limited quantities at local stores or go to Woodwind Brasswind online. A lyre & a flip folder usually runs about $5 each. If the screw that holds the lyre in place is missing, they usually cost about $5 too. Flute, french horn, baritone horn & bassoon players need to get a different type of flip folder and those usually cost about $12-$20. If you plan ahead, you can order them from a local store or Woodwind and Brasswind.


What do percussion players do?

Those who play percussion will be given some of the music but most will be taught at the band night. Don't worry, most students improvise, do very well, and have fun!


How does an orchestra or choir member participate?

Students who do not play a band instrument will receive extra credit just by attending! They will be shown how to play some basic percussion instruments; such as bells, triangle, cymbals, etc. The HS director will talk with the orchestra students when they arrive and they will choose which instrument would be best to try. In years past, the orchestra students have a great time too with no pressure!


What about dinner?

As a thank you for participating with them, the HS music departments are providing pizza & a drink. Need more? Then bring it with you.


What do I do if my parents want to attend?

Along with anyone who wants to see the football game or the performance will need to purchase a ticket to the game. The students participating in the band night & official chaperones that stay with the band from 4-8:30 PM will have FREE entrance into the game.


What if I cannot get to school for the concert? (Example: My parents are working and cannot get me to school)

We will do what it takes to help all students get to your concert but we need a little time to help you. If you think this might be an issue, please talk with your parents ahead of time. If you need a ride, please let your teacher know at least a few days before the concert so we can help you! ALL students deserve to show off their skills and perform!


How can I contact the HS director for more information?

Please contact the:

CVHS Music Department Website or email at AKWALDUKAT@capousd.org or 364-2744