8th Grade Awards Performance -

May 25

What is 8th Grade Awards Night?

Capistrano middle schools have an 8th grade awards ceremony to recognize those outstanding students in middle school. Our school recognizes students in many different categories such as most outstanding students, perfect attendance, G.P.A., etc.


How is the band & choir involved?

All Wind Ensemble members regardless of grade or whether they are getting an award or not will be performing.


The Wind Ensemble performs as part of the pre-awards and the Star Spangled Banner at the start of the actual ceremony. This is a showcase of the 8th graders in the music department. Students need to meet in the music room (19) by 5:10pm. The students will get themselves ready and warmed-up and we will start performing at 5:30pm in the 7/8 lunch area as part of the pre-ceremony music. We will also perform the Star Spangled Banner at the start of the ceremony and be finished with our portion by 6:20pm. If students are getting an award, they will put there instruments away and then find their seats for the awards. Those not performing will need to help tear the set up down and then they will be dismissed at 6:20-6:30 PM.


What should the students wear?

They may wear either their band tux shirt/black pants outfit or they may wear an outfit that it approved for a the ceremony. Here are the rules for the 8th grade awards dress code:


  • ---Slacks, blouses, sundresses or skirts are recommended.
  • ---Clothing must be age appropriate: Nothing too short, too tight, or low cut. Undergarments must not be visible at any time.
  • ---Dresses MUST have straps. Strapless dresses must have straps permanently attached for this event. Halter dresses and one-strap dresses are permissible.
  • ---Heals must not be excessively high (no taller than 3 inches). Flats or sandals are recommend.
  • ---Shorts or jeans are prohibited.


  • ---Gentlemen should dress appropriately and respectfully.
  • ---Button-up, collared or polo shirts and slacks are recommended.
  • ---Pants must be clean, in good condition, and fit appropriately. Shorts or jeans are prohibited.


What if I cannot get to school for the concert? (Example: My parents are working and cannot get me to school)

We will do what it takes to help all students get to your concert but we need a little time to help you. If you think this might be an issue, please talk with your parents ahead of time. If you need a ride, please let your teacher know at least a few days before the concert so we can help you! ALL students deserve to show off their skills and perform!