Disneyland Information - March 7, 2022

    The 7th & 8th grade band & orchestra members are invited to participate in the most amazing, education, musical and fun experience called the Disney Imagination Campus Film Scoring Workshop. Click here for info regarding the workshop. This is a cost program and we will look into options for families.


    All groups will meet in front of school at 8:15 AM, leave Newhart at 8:30 AM and return between 8:30-8:45 PM. Wear your current music T-shirt and blue jeans. We will go over the details with the students during class approximately 2-3 weeks prior.


    If it's raining, we still go. Disney may or may not cancel our performance depending on the weather. Regardless, we will be going. We recommend jackets, ponchos or umbrellas. CLICK HERE for info regarding Magic Music Days. Since we are performing with all 7th & 8th grader groups, this will not be an option this year. Next are the requirements & information for groups that passed their audition. All groups that made it will have their info passed along here.

    Students in the Advanced & Ensemble Groups plus Choirs will need to wear their correct concert outfit for picture day, tape day, Winter Concert and for the actual performance (if we make it!). Following the performance the students will be expected to wear their Newhart T-shirts with jeans (or jean shorts/skirts) and tennis/gym shoes.

    Here are the requirements that Disney has in order to audition and perform at Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure. Please be aware of the requirements for the audition and the performance or you may not be going with us. This is word, for word, out of the Disney materials that we get.


    Concert Dress:

    • A formal, uniform look, including shoes
    • a style that is appropriate
    • no denim, T-shirts, athletic shoes, sandals, tattered clothing including unmatched footwear.

    Music Criteria:

    • Play musically with special attention to balance, tone quality, intonation, articulation and phrasing.
    • Maintain good posture, energy and stage presence

    Appearance -costume uniformity & creativity, suitable for performance and for the Disney audience , cleanliness and grooming

    Interpretation of Music - contribution to overall show value through interpretation of music and/or facial expression, dynamics and phrasing

    Showmanship - ability to display a sense of flair, style and energy

    Professionalism - level of professionalism displayed during performance

    Technical Execution - level of technical achievement in music, including accuracy of notes and rhythms, precision of intonation, dynamics and phrasing

    Show Content - effectiveness of program choice, including creativity, variety, and suitability for a Disney audience

    Show Value - overall effectiveness of the performance as a show element for Disneyland Resort Guests

    Chaperones - A maximum of one chaperone for every ten performers may accompany the group. A chaperone is a responsible adult, 18 years or older. We will need chaperones to drive large vehicles (SUV's or Vans) to carry equipment. We will announce Chaperone sign-ups approx. 4 weeks in advance when permission slips are passed out. We will let those who were accepted know about the details about 1 week in advance.

    Click Here for park information and ride closures


    If we make the audition, the performance times will be announced by Disneyland approx. 2-3 weeks in advance of our performance date