TAIKO DRUMS Concert at Don Wash Auditorium

Permission Slips are printable from SCHOOLOOP. Click on the Grade Link Above.



April ?? from 9:35 AM-1:45 PM. Students will leave immediately after period 1 ends and we will get back in the early/middle of 5th period.





What is it?

We get to see a vocal/percussion/world culture instrument performance at Calvary Church in Santa Ana. It is not religious, however it is fun, historical, informational and musical and will address Music, English and History Standards. The concert is provided by the Orange County Philharmonic Society.


What do the students need to do to prepare for this concert?

The students need to turn in their completed permission slips (Liability Form and Behavior Form) in on time (due no later than 1 week prior to the trip) & they must be passing all of their classes (no D's or F's.).


What do the students need to wear?

The students should wear their current Newhart Music T-shirt with Blue Jean Pants/Skirts/Shorts with Tennis/Gym/Skater Shoes. Students may bring jackets and/or umbrellas if needed.


What about chaperones?

Chaperones are the parents who emailed or turned in a form (first-come, first-serve) and were announced approx. 5 days in advance. We need 1 parent for every 8 students.


What about lunch?

Students will need to bring lunch money or a sack lunch. Students will be eating lunch at the Main Place Mall Food Court on the way back. Usually students eat for about $6-7 dollars. Please don't send them with too much money. They will need to stay in the food court and may not walk around the mall.


Sample Itinerary

9:40 am - Students will put their backpacks in their lockers and meet at the buses.

9:45 - Load Buses (alphabetically by last name)

9:50 - Leave Newhart

10:15 - Arrive at Concert Venue

11:00 - Performance

11:45 - Walk to buses as a group

12:00 - Leave for the lunch

12:20 - Lunch at the Food Court

1:15 - Return to Newhart

1:45 - Arrive at Newhart, go to Locker & then go to Period 5