Newhart Middle School Band, Choir and Orchestra

Mrs. Valerie Petty

New Photos posted on the "Photos of Rehearsals, Concerts & Field Trips"- link found in the gray box.



Mad Music Minute Practice

If you would to practice your mad music minute, click HERE to generate your own. You will need to pass 1 version every quarter.


Parents, need music gift ideas?

Click on the supply list (found in the grey box on the right) and scroll down to the Amazon lists. There are some fun ideas and some great small supplies or instrument stuff that the students could use.


Google Classroom Assignments are Posted NOW

There is an EdPuzzle Instrument Care Video for you to watch by 8:40 AM on Nov. 27 and answer questions. You also have a video playing test due soon. Go to your google classroom for details.


Practice Your Note Names with these Fun Web Programs

Click on the Music Flash cards at the top of the page. Make sure to choose the correct clef for your instrument or treble clef for voice. Staff Wars is fun game that helps with note names in any clef! Look up Music Racer and Music Theory as well.


Want to Listen to YOUR Classes music? Do you know what your SONGS are supposed to sound like?

Use "Song Recordings" link at the top to shadow bow, air play and follow your music. Intermedaite players, you may count this on your practice card (up to 4 hours a month can be from using recordings).


MUSIC MENTORS = Free Music Lessons/Tutoring

EVERY THURSDAY - FREE MUSIC LESSONS - CVHS Musical Mentors - Thursday 4-5:30 pm (Oct. 12 will be from 4-5 pm) The Musical Mentors program provides FREE MUSIC LESSONS Thursday afternoons from 4-5:30 pm. All 4th-12th grade students enrolled in Band or Orchestra at their school site are welcome to attend at CVHS. Look for the Mentors near the small gym at the lowest parking lot.

Questions? Andy Waldukat at


Clean your instrument!

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to keeping your instrument in proper working order. It is recommended to have your instrument inspected and serviced by a repair technician during a break in school so you do not miss any rehearsal time. The inspection may not result in any work being needed. However, just like an automobile it is recommended that a repair technician perform a tune-up as necessary to keep your instrument in proper working order.

All instruments should be cleaned on a routine basis - about once a month. See these videos for help.

--Brass Instrument Cleaning Video's

--BAND Instrument Cleaning Video's (Baritone horn & tuba are same as trumpet)

--String Instrument cleaning video


Helpful Music Websites

Here are links to use to help you in many different areas of music that are great to use at the beginning of the year! Check them out TODAY! More listed at the music links to the right. And don't forget to use the "Music Flash Cards" linked in the navigation at the top of all pages.

  • How Music Benefits Your Brain
  • DCI - Drum Corps International Summer Program
  • Percussion Basics
  • Ultimate College Marching Band Resource
  • Note Flight (Free Music Writing Software)
  • Practicing Help
  • Music Games, Quizzes, & Help
  • Flash Mob Professional Orchestra
  • Band Instrument Care, Hold, & Embouchure Help
  • 40 Essential Drum Rudiments

    DISNEY Performance Dates

    We have not heard for evey group at this time. The times for the field trips will be posted approximately 2 weeks prior to their trip. Field trip forms and chaperone information will go out 3 weeks prior as well.

    February 26 - Wind Ensemble & Advanced Band