Newhart Middle School Band and Orchestra

Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Wind Ensemble, Advanced Orchestra & String Ensemble - Mrs. Valerie Petty (

Intermediate Orchestra & Concert Choir - Mrs. Erin Girard (



Future events in light of current times

At this time, we are 100% online or 50/50. Until we get clearance from CUSD, we are not able to hold any live concerts or field trips. The hope is that this will be somthing we might be able to do later in the year. Unitl then, we will be doing virtual concerts or recitals.


I know this makes learning more challenging, especially for music. My wish for you is to find music as a source of comfort, joy and a way to express your feelings and emotion while we continue to learn and grow. I will be assinging work that will help you get to that goal and build your playing and music reading skills so when we get back together to play, you will be ready! I can't wait for us to safely be able to make music TOGETHER!

Welcome to the Future 2021-22 Music Panthers!

If you are going to be joining us in Fall 2021, welcome! We are excited to meet you and start making great music! Newhart is offerig band, orchestra and choir this year. Please click HERE for more information to new students including frequently asked questions and the video's we have made about your future music program. This video was made pre-online learning. We will adjust accordingly ththroughout the year and adapt as needed. Reminder, please make sure to sign up for music as your first choice and register by the deadline as the classes have been known to fill up.


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Got a Metronome & a Tuner?

We use these on a regular basis in all music classes. TempoLite and TunerLite are free apps for any smart phones and work great for the class. Download yours for FREE now!


Parent/Guardian - Helping Hints & Suggestions

We want you to be able to help your child with their music learning and to secure information or supplies. PLEASE CLICK HERE to be directed to a parent/guardian helping page.


String Player Help

Click HERE for Scales Ace (FINGERING CHART SCALES), New Music Books, Instrument Websites and SO MUCH MORE!


Need video/website help with your instrument?

New to the instrument? Want to know how to put it together or hold it properly? Play with the right sound? Basic note reading? Here are some wonderful websites for BAND and ORCHESTRA (Violin or Violin, Viola or Viola, Cello, Bass). The blue instrument titles take you to the websites.



Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to keeping your instrument in proper working order. It is recommended to have your instrument inspected and serviced by a repair technician during a break in school so you do not miss any rehearsal time. The inspection may not result in any work being needed. However, just like an automobile it is recommended that a repair technician perform a tune-up as necessary to keep your instrument in proper working order.

All instruments should be cleaned on a routine basis - about once a month. See these videos for help.

--Brass Instrument Cleaning Video's

--BAND Instrument Cleaning Video's (Baritone horn & tuba are same as trumpet)

--String Instrument cleaning video



Here are links to use to help you in many different areas of music that are great to use at the beginning of the year! Check them out TODAY! More listed at the music links to the right. And don't forget to use the "Music Flash Cards" linked in the navigation at the top of all pages.

  • How Music Benefits Your Brain
  • DCI - Drum Corps International Summer Program
  • Percussion Basics
  • Ultimate College Marching Band Resource
  • Note Flight (Free Music Writing Software)
  • Practicing Help
  • Music Games, Quizzes, & Help
  • Flash Mob Professional Orchestra
  • Band Instrument Care, Hold, & Embouchure Help
  • 40 Essential Drum Rudiments